dealscvs photo 50 4x6 prints, 12¢ each for $6.00


Heads up, if you live near a Target store, they are having a 10 cent print sale this week. You can do it in-store or online at (If doing it online, be sure to select prints to store and select the correct location)


I don't see the 10-cent deal mentioned anywhere on the Target site you linked to. Price is listed as 19 cents per 4x6 print for store pickup. Is there coupon code?


Try this link and see if this deal applies to the rest of the country:

It is only 9 cents at - everyday low price, no mins. If you pick it up at the store, there is no shipping fee. Otherwise it is something over $1 for postage & shipping for the order.


@gordsus: Yeah, that link shows the price as 9 cents. Doesn't say how long it lasts, if it's a limited time deal.