dealsdiamond plate rock design genuine buffalo leather…


Good deal for those who wear a large! FREE Super Saver Shipping, too.


I don't know many people that small ...
ANYway, for a motorcycle jacket you don't want a lot of small thin pieces sewed together. You want just a few really thick ones.
This is a design patterned after someone's idea of a biker jacket.


And patches on a jacket are like decals on a car.
Did you earn them?
Are you paid for them?
Or are you just posing?


@gidgaf: One of the reviewers said they thought it would fit someone up to 6'2" & 220 lbs. You must know a lot of really large people. ;-) The reviews are mostly good - some 'bikers' bought this, and took off the thin decorative patches.


If you ride a motorcycle you already know this is junk.. any patch made leather product is garbage- it's sewn together from the scraps left over from leather good production never mind it's not a real motorcycle jacket, just a motorcycle STYLE leather jacket.