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I would not recommend this headset. I had the Logitech Clearchat wireless which after 1.5 years only needed replacing due to a defect where the left speaker would intermittently lose sound. Since that headset was no longer in production, they forced this downgrade on me. I say it's a downgrade because the signal strength isn't as strong and it gets weaker over time. I can't even use it as a wireless headset anymore because it will crackle if I'm more than 5 feet from my computer and if I'm 7 or more skype contacts complain of me "raping their ears" with different sorts of noises. All of this has happened in under 4-5 months, anyway, I'd say stay away from this (especially since its a refurb) and for the same price point grab a wired plantronics or a wireless of another brand.