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Review: Can be found for cheaper per link in video review.

Lots of cable clutter once everything (including GPS sensor) is connected. Picture quality seems mediocre. I would stick with the DVR 027 (or newer model DVR 207) or, if food print is most important, Mini DVR 0801.


@clicious: The food prints will be all over the interior glass thanks to the kids.


True about the cables, but that is because it does have a GPS, where as the DVR 027 and DVR 207 do not. Nice feature that places a Google Map view next to the video on playback. If placed in a good location, the backward facing camera can also see a little bit out the side windows, and out the back window, though its not as good as the front facing camera. Has a G force sensor that will lock the video segment to prevent it from being recorded over if the set G force is reached (X, Y and Z axis).


@redbarchetta: I think for most people the GPS feature is mostly a gimmick but if it was an important feature to me, I would rather buy a cam that has it built-in than having to run an extra cable to a receiver somewhere on my dashboard. There are plenty dash cams out there with built-in GPS. Considering the bulk of this one I really don't see why it didn't come built into the main case.

The G-shock sensor is DEFINITELY a gimmick although most cameras have them these days. I actually turn it off on my dash cams. For those unfamiliar with it, the idea is that the camera detects unusual impacts as would occur in crashes and automatically locks that video file so it doesn't get written over as the memory card recycles storage space. During driving it ends up picking up speed bumps and stuff so over time you end up with a ton of protected files that clog up your memory card. A 32GB card will give you about 5hrs of recording time, plenty time to pull the file of an actual accident.


clicious's video review says the front camera video resolution is 1280x480, but the woot link says "Full HD" and 1920x480 -- which wouldn't be full HD anyways, even if it were true. It does look like his review is for the same camera.

Also note that it takes their special software to view the videos -- they aren't stored in the card in a standard format -- which may or may not be important.

And the review has a big flaw regarding the GPS near the end. Do view that.

Really, that video is a great addition to this post.

And finally, the video review's link has the camera for $70 rather than $100.


The youtube review links to a site in china - have to wait for international shipping and may have to pay taxes and duties - may not be much of a savings that way: - they also don't accept returns.


@marshin80: I've made at least two dozen orders from places like Deal Extreme in Hong Kong and have never had to pay duty or taxes. I think you don't have to pay as long as the value is under $1000.

You're likely right about returns, however.


Mine shuts off the GPS when the unit shuts down, so no more memory loss due to discharged battery. The player gets put on the SD card and will play the video on a Windows computer. There is an export feature, but the GPS info does not export with the video.