dealsnook tablet 16gb (b&n refurbished) for $99.99…


the flash deals have individual links


This device is capable of running Jellybean if you are not afraid to flash it. Still some minor bugginess, but It runs it well. There is active ongoing development at xda.


$80 for the 8GB on eBay, from B&N


@notaguru: That was a Cyber Monday deal is long dead.


This can be booted to Jelly Bean from. Micro SC card. No need to mess with the device and void the warranty.

I have an 8g one, like it.

Micro SD cards that will boot the nook tablet to Jelly Bean can be found on Amazon and Ebay, Frys has them. Or make your own.


@inkycatz....why is this deal removed then RIPed? It is still going. It is under the Flash section as stated in the OP.


@morriea: You know, I actually have no idea, but since you said my name: HI! Generally the best person to ask for any deals is @jumbowoot.

Mostly, your usually seen mods (such as TT, myself, gatz, ducky...) are in charge of the Ask the Community section. Which is not to say we don't help out around here on occasion but it is more likely our top deals dude @jumbowoot will have the answers you seek.



@inkycatz: OK. I think you conjured the name for me.

I just saw you had posted somewhere within the hour of my request, hence you got the call.

right @jumbowoot? Why dead?


@morriea: The original redirect from Deals.Woot to 1SaleADay was breaking the link, which made it appear expired. This affected the posted deal, as well as the link from the comment above (unless it was copy/pasted). I have fixed the main link and unexpired this deal.


@thefenst: Wow...a zombie deal. Was RIP now undead. Thanks. I killed my follow-up deal.