dealsinstant baseball treasures card set for $39.99


How does one claim a warranty on baseball cards? Is spoke-related damage covered?


As a long time baseball card collector, please believe me when I tell you these Baseball Treasures Card Sets are CRAP. Do not waste your money. It should be a crime that they advertise that you will get a sealed packs from 1952 to present, I guarantee you won't be getting legitimate sealed packs from the 50's and I highly doubt you'll get packs from the 60's... unless there is something wrong with them. Your "Graded 10" Hall of Famer card will be nothing but a common base card of a Hall of Famer that happened to grade high and will be worth just a few bucks. And your autograph will be some guy you have never heard of because he was some low level prospect that made a few bucks signing for the sports card companies but never actually made it as a big leaguer....


I would just like to reiterate what @tarasadies said. This is pure Home Shopping Network junk, you will not be doing anyone who is into sports cards a favor by buying them this. In fact, they will secretly dislike you a little more for it.