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A Collection - Would Not Recommend This One April 15, 2012
By Lucy Ditty TOP 1000 REVIEWER
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There is a hyperlinked table of contents and it does interface with the Kindle for PC navigation menu.

There are 50 recipes here. There is nothing about the author to tell us why she likes these recipes or why she chose them.

The Italian Soup calls for the noodles and seasoning packet from a Hamburger Helper box.
The Hamburger and Wild Rice Skillet calls for a can of condensed cream soup. Some other recipes do, as well.

I can't quite figure out the reason behind the title of the Lite and Tasty Meatloaf with bread soaked in buttermilk and 2 pounds of hamburger. It may be tasty, but where does "Lite" come into it?

Recipe #37, Manicotti, has no hamburger (or any other meat, for that matter) in it.

Recipe #42, Cheddar Cheese Chili, calls for a box of Hamburger Helper Cheese Melt.
Recipe #44 calls for frozen cooked meatballs.


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@ucancallmetrina: I bought it for $0.00 yesterday. So I guess it's no longer onsale or maybe it was a mistake but mine isn't borrowed.

And the LOW FAT Version is still Free it seems. (NOT BORROW)