dealsup to 50% off select fine & fashion jewelry


Here we go again with the same song and dance, woot. Don't downvote without giving a good reason, or I'll just have to assume you're trolling. Then it'll be my civic duty to upvote even if I don't care about the deal.


@brasil221: Couldn't agree more. The only "reason" I've gotten in the past is Wooters seem to find the jewelry "unattractive." I was tempted to employee this logic and downvote the cigars yesterday, since I find smoking to be quite unattractive, but then I remember I'm not a snivelling tool...


Upvoted. This is actually a little nicer jewelry than Woot usually pimps out. I do have an issue with only one item getting a full 50% discount (a bracelet), but the rest of the items seem to have some fairly deep discounts as well. All in all... not a bad deal. I can't speak for the retailer, never bought anything from them.


Thank you brasil221,offline999 and jheppner. It looks like these people are trolling. These items are top sellers on amazon.

These deals are amazing deals. Better then what we offer people on woot.


when i say "top sellers on amazon" i mean we are selling over 100 of these a day


@silverspeckk: "It looks like these people are trolling."

A company that accuses its critics of "trolling" is a company that will not see a penny of my money, ever.

If you absolutely have to shill, at least get someone with a modicum of professionalism to do it.


Yet More Jewelry that's over priced for looks and value. even at the discount you might as well head over Walmart and pick up something there. all looks the same and save your Woot money for the flying monkeys or some genuine deals. way more worth it than this.


I don't have any experience with this seller or this deal and I'm not defending or endorsing it in any way. I just don't abide by the automatic down-votes that all jewelry gets on this site. At present count there are 105 downvotes and only 1 post with a constructive comment as to why. (A sincere thank you to Andyskitty or taking the time to post)
My advice to Silver Speck,
If you're paying for the "endorsed" spot at the top of the Deals page you're wasting your money. Deals.Woot hates jewelry. It doesn't matter what your rating is. It doesn't matter what the jewelry is. If these are "top sellers on Amazon" then save your money and sell them on Amazon. You'll find no love in these parts.