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Or just get them from Monoprice. A three foot micro USB cable is $0.72 plus shipping. For one, the shipping is roughly break even with these guys. Add more cables and it's not even close, since Monoprice's shipping doesn't increase dramatically as you add more.

Get yourself nine cables for $10 shipped and hand them out to your friends.


I wouldn't do that. I ordered 3 micro USB gold plated cables from monoprice, and they all stopped working for all of my devices right after the 30 day refund policy expired.


@kev50027: The refund period is 30 days, but the Monoprice warranty on cables is forever. So get them replaced.

I have a half dozen six foot Monoprice USB to micro cables, and none of them have had a problem. They are thick and sturdy.


@craigthom:That surprises me. My company has been using Monoprice cables for about 4 years and we have never run into a bad cable. We spent $91 last year on a variety of ethernet cables and not a single one was bad.


surprises me too, Monoprice has very high quality & the stuff I have purchased there works great. Something tells me that comment is coming from someone affiliated with this current deal & is not just a hater.


I've used them in the past and I stand by their hdmi cables, but I tried these cables on 5 different devices and they lost connection with the slightest jostling. The cables that came with the devices didn't do this, nor did the cables I picked up from Amazon.


My expierence with cheap usb cables is they occasionally have fairly large overmolds on the connecters. I always assumed they just machine the mold larger if there is ever wear or damage. Cheap, but results in larger connectors over time.

A good razor blade at 45 degrees on each side usually works fine to make enough clearance to get into Otterboxes and the like.