dealspresident's day bogo at jamba juice locations


Safeway, Vons, and pavilions are all grocery stores owned by Safeway. Select locations have Jamba Juice stores in them (a similar and more common program is run with Starbucks and several banks). This coupon is not valid at those locations. Also its total bull that this isn't valid in Oregon. My wife and I want us some bogo Jamba!


@jdevenberg: it says valid in Washington but not southern Washington apparently. Us Vancouver people get screwed on this one. I blame Oregon since we are so close. Jamba Juice doesn't trust you guys to not just drive over the river and get one.


Oregon resents that remark and says bite my moss dude.

Oh, and frak you Jamba Juice in Oregon for denying me and my kid a BOGO smoothie deal while we are out doing errands Monday. A pox on your frozen fruit.


@vallejokid: From one vancouver resident to another, I here ya