dealskleenex boutique facial tissues, 2-ply, 3/pack…


I've been looking for a good price on these for a while now. Thanks for sharing!


Got these the last time they were on sale. These are great. I bought for my NY home, my Florida home, my office and my mother-in-law, all with free shipping. Great price. THANK YOU for the heads-up!!!


@bigray57: I ordered a bunch too, but they ran out of stock before I could furnish my Uruguay home, Australia home, Swaziland home, and my oval office in my White House. Shipping was expensive to my Sweden and Iraq homes too, but it's still a good deal.


I applaud whoever wrote the description. Think I would be stuck after "use these to wipe away boogies."

Has our society really reached the point where we are buying Kleenex online?


@phaedrusz: Yes.

I'll buy almost anything online. If the price is at or below what I'd pay locally, and they'll deliver it to me for free, I'm in. My grocery bill drops and I don't have to lug it around and carry it in the house (being disabled, this actually matters quite a lot).