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Actual link

You might have to copy/paste it. It's going through for affiliate marketing if you just click on it which is causing the broken link.


I wonder what they did to piss them off?


It's on the front page of - just scroll down a bit.

Looks like a decent deal. I recently paid $65 for a 1/18th scale short course truck and I love it but it didn't come with a transmitter, receiver, or battery, nor did it feature oil-filled shocks which are superior to those without.

Unfortunately I would encourage anyone thinking about buying this to consider the availability of spare parts and if possible purchase a pile of pieces (especially suspension and power-transmission parts, as well as small easily loose-able bits like body pins). These trucks are too powerful for their own good and are lots and lots of fun, but if you're like me you should expect to break a piece or two almost every time you take it out to play with it.

TYPE rcplanet dot com into your browser - the site seems to not like the woot redirection link process.

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