deals25% off purchase at cvs


Cannot be combined with another product sale. You will receive the larger discount. The 25% sale excludes prescriptions and gift cards. Offer not valid for orders placed on or CVS/pharmacy Optical. These products are not discounted: As Seen on TV products, Baby Food & Formula, Badger, Belli, Better Body Solutions, Bodi Rocker, Burt’s Bees, CHI Appliances, Depend, Essie, Epilady, Fekkai, Fertilaid, GHT, GoWear, HP, IMAK, Ionic Pro, John Frieda Color Foam, Kelemata, Kidco, LaneLabs, LaRoche-Posay, Lierac, Medela, Olay Pro-x, OXO, Oraquick, Orly, Philips Heartstart Home Defibrillator, Prevagen, Pre-seed, RCA Personal Sound Amplifier, RoC, Rock Hard Weekend, Sensa, Sinupulse, Skin Doctors, Spermcheck, Vichy, Violight, WaterWorks Natural Vaginal Cleansing and Odor Elimination Douche, Zanfel, Zeno, Craig MP3 players, Net 10, T-Mobile prepaid cell phones and all Salon Hair Care products.


These deals work if you use them right and I saved $19.56 last week when I used the coupon with the BOGO items - the first item is at regular price so you get the 25% off that item.

If you send it to your CVS card, you can elect not to use it with a purchase as long as you use it before the expiration date. I have taken a pass several times in order to use the coupon again later in the week.


hardly a deal if you cant apply discount to WaterWorks Natural Vaginal Cleansing and Odor Elimination Douche