dealspure whey protein, new release sale save $23.00…


Also Code works on Anything on the website and the CLK 90 promo free HD samples and shaker! deal is still going on.


The website doesn't say But i called them and The Serving sizes are.

2 Pounds - Servings in each - 26

4 Pounds - Servings in each - 54


That CLK 90 code didn't work with the other code. Do you need to do something special?


@shknbake77: it's a hidden deal, if you order it, it will come with it..


Their website is pretty slow, I'm trying to order from them but it's taking forever to "establish a secure connection". Even adding stuff to cart takes a while. By the way, where is the strawberry flavor? I read on the bb forum there's suppose to be one :P


Subtotal: $105.98
Coupon (MLT00):
Remove -$21.20
Grand Total: $84.78

Sweet in for Two
COR Performance - Whey
(Flavor: Molten Chocolate, Size: 4 lbs)

Getting this for a Christmas gift for myself and my best friend who works out with me! Thanks for the Deal! can't wait to see what GNC's price is on this probably 90$ LOL!


@derke: That's coming out soon it was a little behind on the production line, but all the other flavors are Very good even without milk! also not a big fan of strawberry =P But i will post another Deal with the strawberry when it comes out and other Cellucor deals when i hear from them =]!


@perfectrs: Glad i can provide my services for you, also hope you enjoy your Christmas Gift to yourself and friend =P


claims of being "cleaner" than the other brands would be better supported if they listed ingredients, yet i couldn't find them on their site. anyone else have luck with that?

@da5id might be correct in his accusation if this stuff contains maltodextrin


@pinchecat: No Maltodextrin just called to confirm.

but Cellucor's products are all natural they never put anything in there products to do any harm to any one.. if they do they take it off the shelf right away..

the last thing that happened was "P6Black" back in 2004 since then they haven't had any issues with any of there products.. any more questions keep posting more then happy to help


This is the latest protein I have purchased from I have not tried it yet since I'm not out of my current, but it's a better day than this at $44.99 for 5lb vs. $42.39 (after coupon) for 4lbs.


@sporadic: that's some cheep protein, if i wanted to i could walk into a GNC and get some expired protein half off.. it probably mixes like flour and water. Get some Protein Pudding!


Thanks for posting the deal, but this is incredibly expensive for Whey Protein. At $12 a pound (after coupon), it is much more expensive than something like Optimum Nutrition's Whey which can regularly be found on Amazon for $10 a pound or less.


@jasonap: That is true you're always going to be able to find Protein for cheep. I know of many places that sell a pound of protein for 2-6$ a pound.. But the quality of the protein isn't that good.. after shaking it up and what not there would always still be chunks, even with the Optimum Nutrition's whey i would agree is good,Very good but i always have to mix it with milk to make it taste better, Cellucor's New protein Molton Chocolate is amazing. it tasted like it was mixed with milk in the first place..

there where no chunks no floaties from the BCAA's not being able to break down like Optimum Nutrition's whey. but with this price being as cheep as it is all i can say is Try it out there is 100% guarantee refund if you don't like it.

Cellucor lives up to there name with providing the best Quality of supplements as possible..