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Whether this is the same exact model or not, I just purchased a new Phillips 9" dual screen portable DVD player from Walmart for $100.00 this past weekend. It was an upgrade from our Phillips 7" dual screen portable DVD player that lasted a couple of years, and I must say the upgrade from 7" to 9" is quite significant, but I wouldn't spend $14 more than I had to for a refurbished model vs a new one that is cheaper.


Was the one you purchased a single DVD drive with the second screen being AV only or actual dual DVD players. I purchased the dual DVD 9" from a year or so ago on sale for $160 (kids love them) and recently had it stolen from my car. Found a clearance set with the single DVD, 2 screen 9" model for around $100 at target so i got that instead since the kids usually watch the same movie anyways.

I'd be amazed if they had the dual DVD one on sale for $100


@caltheon: Aha. I stand corrected. The model I purchased was, in fact, a single DVD player with dual screens vs. this one that can play 2 DVDs simultaneously on each screen. I retract my statement about this being overpriced. I never even envisioned a world where my two children can watch different things at once, so the thought never crossed my mind that something such as this exists.


We purchased the 7" models last year (single DVD player). The extra monitor went out after a few uses. I called up Phillips, they asked me to provide proof of purchase (including date) via e-mailed pic, and they sent me out a replacement set! I was VERY happy with Phillips's customer service, and now I have a player for each kid, with a spare monitor just in case. System has worked flawlessly since.

Love the use of a Mini in the right monitor. Purple is not my favorite color of Mini, but then I'm partial to my Tweed Grey '67... :-)


I don't normally post comments about things on woot but to this I must. I have a set of these monitors that I bought for my children to use on trips last year. New, it had a one year warranty. The slave screen went out after 6 months of owning it and literally only using it on longer trips that we don't take very often. We had to go through warranty stuff; sent the old set back and received new ones that only had a 3 month warranty. In the midst of all of this I have a friend that told me that he had the same set. His slave screen went out right after warranty and obviously they couldn't do anything about it. He said he googled the issue and I assure you that if you do yourself, you will see that they don't last. These are not worth anything. Our second set went out 3 months after we got them thereby leaving us to where we were unable to do anything about it. I will never buy philips again because of it. If you product sucks take it down and stop selling them. right?