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These are very interesting boxes, but I wouldn't use them exclusively for backup. Setting any security concerns aside, a good backup system has at least one copy of everything in a separate location so that fire or any other kind of local disaster won't wipe out all copies at once.

It looks to me like this is more of a file sharing device. If this allows me to sync (or at least access) a small set of files from any of my computers, that would add value for me, personally. I know that I have at least a couple flash drives sitting around that could be dedicated to holding misc files.

At the very least, these are a great price! I know I'll be researching them further.


Just a note...these routinely go on sale @ buy(dot)com for $27.99...OOPS, slight update, that's the previous version (newest version features USB3.0 & Gigabit Ethernet), Amazon has them for $23.99


@jackofallgames42: True I agree. However what I'm thinking it'll be really nifty if I just wanted to have all my files (document, mp3, movie etc) in a one external hard drive and get to to them when I want to.
I know this is pretty redundant with all the available cloud services but I'm thinking having cross platforms (ios, android and apple) especially in the mobile world, it would be a nightmare to share/access stuff.
Added bonus I found out that, it supports, gaming devices(xbox 360, ps3) I think I'm gonna like that alot.

In closing, I agree @jackofallgames42 about backup, but I think there are other stuff I see myself doing with it.


@mewalter: good to know and that's why I think it's I like the newer version for this price.


I'm not totally sure about this version but the older pogoplugs can be run on Arch Linux ARM to bypass the many problems with PogoPlug's software and support. Here is the link for what I think is this pogoplug series if anyone is interested