dealssave up to 75% off 450+ items with our winter sale


the last 2 sales they had were better then this, so this deal sucks

1. free shipping no min

2. 15% off for 50 spent , 20% off for 75 spent, 25% off for 100 and up


@fit410s: Your grammar sucks, so I'll check out the sale anyway.


i went to look at the sale only because of the description "How many USB light-up snowmen is too many? Trick question. You can never have too many."

i want usb snowmen. i collect them. there is not a single one in the 451 items listed on this sale.


$7.99 item I want, $7.24 economy ground shipping. No thanks, it's $12 locally.


@flasco: bad grammar or not, they are correct! I bought the Light Saber candle stick for the same price back in November...underwhelmed by these "sales!"


$5.99 gears of war cog dog tags, that probably dont weight more than 4 ounces.. $6.99 shipping...

Seriously ThinkGeek?! Have you ever heard of First Class USPS Mail? It would be $2.20 at best.. Get Real


The day I buy anything from Thinkgeek is the day they're reasonable with shipping prices. I mean, do they live on another planet or something to have these ridiculous shipping prices?


@flasco: I'm sorry....

Please forgive me....

I love you....

Thank you


@ihatedealswoot They do have a usb light-up snowman called the Snowbot (not on sale)


Thinkgeek has gotten pretty dismal the past few years. Aside from selling things at often significantly higher prices than their competition (apparently the flying monkeys haven't heard of Amazon), the quality of their hires has tanked... I had an order with a jar of bacon hot sauce just thrown in a box with some other overpriced stuff and a grand total of 2 bags of air in a box that was roughly 12x18x5. The dripping box arrived on my porch and it took emailing the customer service flunky with photos of said box because "that's the only thing that would help my case" to get replacements.

I made the mistake of buying an abyss watch as a birthday present for someone on Black Friday and 2 weeks in it's already inoperative beyond a dead battery... Not looking forward to having yet another fight with their customer service folks, so I might just eat the loss and permaban thinkgeek from my visa card.

Caveat emptor, potential buyers... don't say you had no idea of the magnitude for suckage