dealshelp our troops for free: send a febreze gift…


Just a quick heads up: you do need to have a Facebook account in order for the "Donate Now" button to work. Shouldn't be a problem for most people, but if you don't have a Facebook, you can't really participate. That being said, I'm considering joining again for things like this.


@captainsuperdawg: They are holding the troops hostage so they can get a mailing list that they can use and sell to god knows who. It's quite shameful if you think about it.


Because if there's one thing our troops need the most, it's air freshener. ...wait, what?

Now I'm all for supporting the troops, but air freshener??? Seriously? Can't they use the money instead of ... I dunno. It just seems silly to me


Wait.. so, where exactly do I fit in this equation?

The way I get it, it's going down like this:
Air freshener --> Troops

But according to them, the "equation" should look more like this:
Me? <--> Air Freshener -- Troops?

What am I missing?
(It's still good and I'm all for free stuff for good people, but the question still stands)


@abramokids: I imagine it would just make living over there seem a little bit more like home, to have a nice air freshener smell instead of dirt and sweat and such all the time. Febreze would be out of business if no one cared about making their living spaces smell good. Sure, it's not the most important thing to have around--I get your point that there might be other things they need more--but I think it's still a generous gesture by the Febreze company and it's certainly better than nothing.


@abramokids: I'm a troop, and I could use free air freshener. No joke, I was planning on asking my mom to include something like this in her next care package :)


@jasonanaggie: Did you even click the link? Because you are totally off course. You don't give them your address or email. You click a button. If anything is shameful, it's you discouraging people from doing this based on FALSE information that you apparently just made up. SMH

@abramokids: It says "When you click the Donate Now button, we’ll send a U.S. hero serving in combat a Febreze Set & Refresh product, along with a care package of toiletries, magazines, letters, and more." It also states: * When you click the Donate button, we will contribute one 5.5-oz Febreze Set & Refresh product to an Operation Gratitude care package.


Actually, it wants permission to access everything in your Facebook account, something I don't allow every page that comes along.


1) Air freshener
2) Troops care package
3) Profit?


@notann: It asks for access to only facebook information you have made public. If you've got a public profile, I can see an issue, but if you've fiddled with your privacy settings (I did this months ago) it should be fine. All my contact information is 'only me' and the rest is 'custom'.
It also does not ask to post, share, comment, or message people in place of you.


It may not seem like it's something they need, but air fresheners are #1 on a lot of care package lists! My husband had me send him a ton of them. You've got a bunch of dudes living together, who can't always shower every gets stinky fast!!
He just got a package from Operation Gratitude a few moths ago and it had a lot of great products in it!


If you have facebook, it's one single click. Do it. :D


@tjbarahona: Look, I think anything those of us who aren't in harms way can do for those brave enough to volunteer to do so is great!

I was only put off by how Procter & Gamble (a $185 billion multinational corporation) choosing to "help". I know of many companies with far smaller market caps that give directly to the troops without even mentioning it in a press release. I just don't think that it is too far off to smell an ulterior motive from one of the largest corporations in the world.


Just Donate, and then remove the app. Less than 10 seconds of your time to help out our troops.

You don't even have to Like the page - which is something I prefer NOT to do. So this is a no brainer! Go Donate!


Always like these donate by clicking deals


@jasonanaggie: Your reality seems so fascinating.

Can I buy drugs from you?


Having been deployed and getting stuck with a roommate that smelled like an old diaper filled with cigarette butts, I can confidently say that this will not go unappreciated. I should have bought shares in Febreeze while I was overseas.