dealslogitech stereo headset h130 headset for $3.83


Nixon started this "rebate' stuff when he froze wages and prices in the 70's!! The car companies introduced "rebates" after price freeze was lifted cause they didn't trust the government anymore.......
I won't shop staples for this reason......boycott rebates!!!!


Rebates are simply a moneymaker off those who forget to send in the forms. Some companies play games and claim you never sent the original receipt, but I've never had a problem with TigerDirect's rebates.


@eidelbus: How long does it take for them to send a check?


@iluivatar: Officially 6 to 8 weeks, with two-week priority for a $2 fee. I'd let them process it normally, and usually the pre-paid Amex would come in a few weeks. Very reliable.


I just bought these from Newegg last week. The padding is super thin and they hurt my ears not long after putting them on. I haven't used the mic yet, so I can't comment on that.