deals10 bags of purina beggin strips for $12.99


My dog looked at me like I was nuts trying to feed these to her. She knew they weren't bacon and she didn't think they were food.


In for 1 along with a bunch of other things they offered me. In case my dog doesn't like 1 of the few that I got I'll share with family.


Free shipping is over, FYI. Usually ends pretty fast (I've never gotten it anyway, even at midnight EST) but I figured I'd share in case you had your fingers crossed for that promotion.

I also recommend the random treats (it's sometimes a bonus at check out). Last time they must have sent me $20 worth of stuff at THEIR value (not at BS suggested retail price) for purchasing 5 bonus items. Included at least two bags of fat-free treats, two (cheap) squeaky toys, two bags of Vitakraft drops, and a nylabone. I'm sure I'm not remembering everything. It's the kind of stuff you see on 13deals and then some.

Edited: Also remembered they included two of those Kong cleaning brushes. I use them to clean my pet's water bowls. Probably still forgetting some items included in the deal though!

I'd be interested to hear other people's experience with the random items.


@steveb944: your family has interesting culinary tastes...


@berley819: "I got a stone." (Like Charlie Brown) Really, it was these little stone-sized compressed balls that enlarged into a towel when placed in water.


I can't believe how many treats I ordered. This was such a great deal. I googled my brains out to convince myself.
I don't even have a dog ! LOL
But I do buy stuff for the local shelter. They are going to be happy !

After you click buy you are offered some other treat deals, I didn't really know what they were --Busy bones, busy rawhide bones, and Chewnolas. They seemed from my googling to be a good price, but not a super great deal. SO I just bought a couple to see. Sometimes they like the shelter dogs to have something that lasts to keep them from being bored.
We will see.

@mjonczak : I hope I don't get a rock (s) . I figured I might get lucky for the shelter so i got the max of 5 randoms.
Wish me luck or rather wish the shelter dogs luck for me !!

Amazing deal on the beggin strips though. Thanks @belyndag