dealsroku hd wireless media player for $39.99 + $5.00…


Is this the 3rd time in the last 2 weeks including woot-offs?


bought this the other day on a different woot site.

works fine, so far.


I bought one of these, same price from Woot! towards the end of summer. It is awesome! Has changed the way we watch TV, and we have considered dropping DirecTV all together. Also if you want a Roku that isn't wireless only (This has CAT5 and Wireless built in) for less than 100 bucks, then this is the one to get. All of thier newer models do not support a wired connection unless you buy the top end ones.


Bought over the summer and love it. Am watching it right now. I only use it for Netflix and occassionally Pandora though.


This is a older version of the Roku. Still works great tho. This one has more connectivity options unlike the newer ones. It has component, composite and HDMI. The newer ones only have HDMI. So, if you're like me and have a HDTV that only has two lousy HDMI ports that are already used (even have a splitter too!), this is a great way to go by using the component video to still get HD picture quality. Highly recommend, esp at this price.


here is link to the one from the woot-off [url=]Roku XD[/url]

That one is a slightly newer model (10 dollars more on woot) than this, but I have a couple of these older models, and they work just fine... use them everyday.


I bought 2 of these a while back (well, 3... one was for a friend) and my wife and I absolutely LOVE them!

There is an enormous amount of free content available for them.
Samples of the "private" channels (those not added from the Roku's interface):

If you're a coder (even a junior coder), you might be interested that these have a built-in build environment and the language is pretty slick. Google a bit and you'll find lots of cool tutorials on making your own "channels". :)

This is a great model:
1. If you want to check out the Roku to see what it's about (it's inexpensive).
2. If you have an old TV that has component inputs (newer models do NOT have component out).
3. If you have an amp that uses optical/digital audio inputs, but not HDMI (newer versions don't have optical).


I have the Roku HD XR version and love it, but am thinking about getting a Roku 2 XS because I miss captioning.


So I'm confused as to how this works.

I buy a Roku and I have access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, HBO GO, etc. for free? Or do I have to already have access to all of those and I have to log in to the various services and Roku allows me to play through it on my TV?

Any help appreciated =)


Oh and so per my last question, I just have to pay $40 for this wonderful device and I can watch all of this with no monthly fee?


@monkeysmine: You need netflix and hulu plus accounts. If you have an HBO subscription then you get HBO GO too


Go for the Roku XS for $49.99 - it's also 720p and it's the next generation!

Tweeted it before.!/mad/status/144662434865610752


monkeysmine - no you need a log in for any of those services - e.g. netflix, amazon etc. you can't get the content for free...


I bought this from woot this past summer. Let me start off by saying that you should not get this model. It runs a lot slower than the newer one. It also runs a lot slower than the Wii for Netflix. The other apps with it are real cool though, but you can get them on the newer model. Don't fall victim to this. Mine started having problems the very same day I opened it and started it up. It randomly shuts off and turns back on during movies. It does not keep up with fiberoptic cable streaming, which is really weird. My Wii plays movies much better.

I just wish Woot would let me return my crappy one I got last summer, it's awful.


@monkeysmine: Of course you must have subscriptions to the providers ..

Its not like you pay $40 once , and then get what everyone else is paying $8 or 20 or (whatever it is now) per month ..


You still have to subscribe to things like hulu plus and netflix. Still, if you just subscribe to those 2 (and like I do), plus the free channels, you have a pretty good case for cancelling cable :)


@fountain3586: Interesting. I have two of this very same model and have never had the issues that you are describing. I'm buying another, actually. Since two of my three HDTVs only have 1 HDMI and 2 Component inputs, these are a great deal (for me)!


@fountain3586: I think yours may be slightly defective. I too purchased this model back in summer, and mine has worked fine all this time. I do not have Netflix, but amazon prime streaming has worked with no problems. Hopefully it works out for you, I think they are great little boxes, I have picked up 5 total now, after trying out this one.


You still have to be subscribed to Netflix ($8 a month), Hulu Plus and Amazon to stream the movies. As far as I can tell (I bought an HD and am awaiting its arrival) this device just makes it possible to stream the video onto a TV without the aid of a computer.

There is however, channels that you can stream that do not require a membership (Sorry, I don't have a list of them)

Roku website has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can send it back if you don't like it.


Has anyone used Disney on this? Is it free? My kids watch only & only Disney channel on cable and this would be a great alternative.


I just set mine up from the last woot. I love it. I ordered this one, too, to have for my other TV, which is an old tube. Since this has composite out, it will work perfectly for that. I recommend the Roku even if you already have a video game console, which is what I used to use for Pandora and Hulu Plus. Having the Pandora app and the Amazon instant video is fantastic.


I have two of the XS version that I purchased a couple of years ago. They make watching Netflix and Amazon video extremely simple and easy! I haven't had any problems with either of the two. I just purchased one of these as a gift for a friend. With a 90 day warranty from Roku I just don't see how anyone could possibly go wrong by purchasing one. The wireless connection works flawlessly and there are so many channel choices that are free. The Netflix interface is great. Not only does your que come up but you can search for movies/TV shows by title or look through the genre lists. They are also small so that they can easily be moved from room to room or taken with you on vacation or to a friend's house.


@sharmakdeep: If I remember correctly, the Disney channel on this is just trailers and clips of Disney shows.


@glabifrons: Your point one isn't particularly good, given that this is $45 after shipping and the brand new LT model is $49 shipped.

Still, I'm in for one to use with component for my older TV.


Can anyone who owns this model tell me if there is closed captioning available when you stream Netflix or Amazon? Thanks!


Just some helpful info: this does not stream movies and music from your computers media server or a NAS (upnp/dlna).
There are some advanced ways to get around this though.


We have one, got it from Woot about 6 months ago. LOVE it.


We have had ours for a couple of years now (we bought this one when it was the "high end" Roku). These devices are awesome, especially for people like us who don't have/don't want cable or satellite subscriptions.

However, I would not recommend buying this refurb at this price. It's the "old" Roku, and it's not that much cheaper than a new one - or, even better, a newer model. Go to the Roku website and watch. They put them on sale every couple of months. Even now, a new (not refurb) of the HD costs $49.99 with free shipping. So you can pay $5 more and not have to worry about any funky refurb issues. Or wait until they put the newer models on sale, maybe?

Roku rocks, though, and this is a cheap way to check it out if you haven't yet! (I am watching mine [i]right now[/i])


@rustybender: The one time I looked, it did seem to be more an advert for the Disney Channel than a functioning Roku channel with Disney content. I haven't bothered to check again.



Agreed. When I bought mine (many months ago), point 1 was valid. :D
The current sale is quite nice. :)

The rest of the points are still valid though. ;)


@widmer69: The newer ones do have composite, they just use a weird little 1/8" jack to RCA cord instead of the nice three RCA jacks this one uses. At least the Roku LT I picked up for my dad does.

Component (Red, Green and Blue RCAs), ethernet, and optical audio out are the things this has that the $49 Roku LT lacks.


One other thing: If you lose the remote, you can use the Dijit app for iPhone as a workable replacement. Plus, it's fun to get into remote wars via battling phones.

Sorry for hogging the comment board. I promise to stop now. :-)


The newer models are TINY compared to this thing. If you buy this and find you like the idea of a roku go buy a new one from their site for your 2nd TV :)


I have a DSL line I run less than 1MB per minute wireless and up to 1.5MB with Cat 5, will this work with my slow connection speed? FYI I am pretty happy with the speed because it cost $19.99 a month (that was just raised after paying $10 a month for the last 5 years, basically MCI offered the deal, then bought out by ATT and whoever just forgot it was limited to one year).

Looking at faster speeds makes me want to faint at the cost.


I don't get it, why would you need this box if you can already stream Netflix on ur tv. What am I missing? Also, if you already pay for cable subscription, I don't understand what else this does for you? Everyone it talking about how they love it, so I want to understand exactly what it is.


@markmc27: Wow, you can get DSL that slow still? (1 MB/minute seems to work out to 128 kbps...)


Note that this is the older N110 version of the HD that came out in 2009, but includes more output choices (s-video, component, and optical) than those that came out in 2010 and 2011.


@diemlinh7: I have no personal experience with these but the comparison chart posted by someone else does not have a checkmark for netflix subtitles for this model (only the new ones)


no 1080p... Don't use this on any tv larger than 28 inches..


@marcia3641: Not everyone has a tv that can stream Netflix or has apps on it. There are a lot of free channels that you can get content from. If you pay for Amazon Prime, you can stream the movies and tv shows that Amazon has.


@tom61: Cool, I didn't know that there was some other form of connectivity other than HDMI on the newer Rokus. Thanks


@widmer69--ohhhhhhh, I didn't realizde there were tv's that couldn't stream netflx. As the saying goes, u learn something new every day.


I love my roku! I have this model too, and my friend has the newer one. Honestly, can't tell much of a difference. Works great. Truly the poor man's DVR.


WDTV Live Plus is the best choice if you're gonna do this kinda thing. Do your research people. Toss cable and satellite away! Nothing beats my WDTV Live plus. Had to put that out there.


@marcia3641: Um....this is news to you? You yourself couldn't have had Netflix built in to your TV for too long, because TVs with built in Internet apps like Netflix have only been around for the past 1-2 years. So basically everyone who hasn't bought a new TV recently does not have Netflix built into their TV.

Also, Netflix is nothing like having cable. Aside from it only being $8/month. My family watches whatever they want, when they want, pretty much every popular television series is available (and unpopular) from current series to classics like Voltron and He- Man (if your an 80's baby as well as thousands of movies of every genre and it constantly grows and changes, Aside from that there are many other channels that you can watch as well that are free like Crackel (movies), so you don't have to pay anything if you don't want to and still have lots of channels to entertain you/your family,

There are well over a hundred channels. Look here:


To be more specific, I have a WD TV Live HUB. And it rocks.


@diemlinh7: This model does NOT do subtitles.

I own this exact model and have both Netflix and Amazon Prime.


I was getting upset that I got a Roku for $10 more from Woot! only a few weeks ago (and was also available during the recent Woot-off).... until I realized that this is a different model, only capable of 720p. (The ones sold last month and in the Woot-off were the Roku XD.)

It would be nice if Roku's model designations were a little more distinctive (i.e. less similar to each other); nevertheless, this HD would be good for older, non-1080p-capable TVs. There are a lot of 720p flat-screens and older TVs out there, and the XD might be wasted on them.

The nice thing about this Roku is that it has an ethernet port; of the Roku 2's currently being sold, only the most expensive one sports this port.