dealsmonday mania: any large pizza $9.99 @ papajohns…


I never need a code for this deal =/


I wonder if this one will work anywhere or just like one and a half cities like most of the other decent Papa John's coupons.


Recently the deal has been $11.99 a large pizza until today, and that didn't need a coupon.

Although I see in the woot history logs once the was an $8.99 deal!


Invalid here at my location in Alabama.


Seems everyone has a $9.99 pizza nowadays... I remember when $5.99 was a deal and $9.99 was full price.


@straub: Try going here: then clicking on the $9.99 deal to see if that'll work for you.


@patentdude: Thanks! I looked there before but didn't see it because I was looking for $9.99. It turns out my location has the Monday Mania deal for $8.99 for any large pizza.