dealscall of duty®: black ops ii multiplayer free on…


not free, only free to play til Sunday. Fix your title.


steam makes me want to become a pc gamer...


It's like renting the game, but only free. <3 you, steam.


Agreed, fix you're title. It's not free unless you can keep it.


Does not seem to be working now. Was there a start date for the download?

My mistake it was that steam client verification issue between the browser vs the client.

DLing now


if it was zombies free id maybe try it


can't seem to figure out how to get it to download, when I click on the option for the free weekend, it just takes me to a list of games.....


if you cant figure it out, check your library. It is probably temporarily listed there. Just click it and press download.

On a side note, Deus Ex (the new one) is on sale for 5 bucks. It is a superb game especially if you remember the old one. Recommend anyone try it for 5 bucks if you enjoy stealth shooters.

edit: aw nuts must have been mid madness deal because its over today. But keep an eye out it comes around all the time.


@tweakx4: I've jumped on board and now have more games than I do free time.


@tweakx4 graphics alone should make you want to jump to PC


A bunch of ragers on here. I don't see how to edit. The only options I have are "expire unsubscribe tattle". It's like a free rental. I plan on playing it like mad until I'm sick of it and then if I love it, buying it when it comes way down in price at christmas or whenever.