dealspistol grip crossbow with arrows - zombie killer…


I don't want to be a stick in the mud... But a small crossbow lacks the power to penetrate a zombie skull (unless shot through the eye socket(which it likely lacks the accuracy for)). If someone posts a deal on a bag of comfy Hanes socks it deserves the tag "zombie killer" equally.


@42and35: How would socks be able to penetrate a zombie skull? That's ridiculous


@j3jymann: I meant it to be satirical. But since you pose the question; you could overlap multiple socks and proceed to fill it with batteries or any dense objects. BAM cotton zombie black jack!


@j3jymann: you just haave to get them in their eyes


I'd say it depends on how long they have been undead. If they have been a zombie for a while, their bones are probably weakened from lack of nutrients and decay.

Will it penetrate the skull of the freshly undead? Probably not. 2 week undead? Maybe. 1 month and longer? Oh yeah!

Aim for the really rotten zombies and you should be fine.


@j3jymann: He meant these will be able to kill a zombie about as well as a bag of socks. The eye socket penetration was a separate thought unrelated to the socks. I found both points to be easily understood.

I agree this is NOT a zombie killer and the author simply stained his pants at the thought of attaching the term `zombie killer` to anything projectile.


Just as a note...I didn't see this particular item (the hand crossbow) listed on the Center for Disease Control's site regarding the Zombie Apocalypse as a suggested or required item for preparedness.


@jasongb: Zombie dead, or just plain dead?