dealsvideo games: buy one, get one 50% off on select…


The link in the old thread is dead (this was posted yesterday).


I used it to buy 2 sets! One set of mw3 titles for both ps3 and xbox360 came out to $83! Now I get to play on both my systems! :-)


@mexicandlyte: Ugh, I can't imagine having to rank up through everything twice!


if they add saints row 3 im in.. ill get saints row 3 and skyrim


The game selection is not great. I understand that this sale is something that doesn't come around too often, but still. During the Buy 2 Get 1 Free thing a few weeks ago, there were at least 5 pages of PS3 games.

There are only 7 games listed for PS3, 6 for 360, 4 for Wii, and 2 for PC, and a lot of them are the same game, just for a different system. Not good.


The PS3 selections are pretty good though. Although I find MW3 not so much. Surprising Battlefield 3 is not on there. They could use more exposure to gamers.


If you haven't bought a game at this point, might as well wait a few days for the better deals next week.