dealsdark knight [blu-ray] for $9.99


Does anyone know what the difference is from every other Dark Knight bluray sold at other retailers?


@jgarcia408: It would appear that this is for the Steelbook edition. There aren't any pictures posted, but I am assuming it is just a "nicer" package. Plus there is supposed to be a discount offer for the next movie.


I don't like the color of the box


I just picked mine up. The packaging is the "Steelbox" packaging, which isn't really anything that special. I was excited to see Dark Knight under $10 again.

The movie comes with a coupon for up to $5 off a ticket to Dark Knight Rises.


I just grabbed this and a copy of Batman Begins that each included a $5 off coupon to see The Dark Knight Rises when it comes out. Like @musicalman said, the box isn't anything too special- just a metal case. Cool-ish.

It may be worth mentioning (but probably not) that these also came with UltraViolet copies.