dealsmarvel comics - 700 different first issues - all…


Good deal. Lots of one-shots and number ones, trying to get folks hooked on the various series'.

Their service is getting slammed right now. If you can actually get logged in and take advantage of this, count yourself lucky.


Server is down... must be a lot of fellow geeks out there.


Great deal if I can get in... Will have to try again later...


I'll definitely want a bunch of these. There are a few #1s I've always wanted to read.


Been trying to add these to my account for the last day and a half. I've gotten them all in my cart (725 total) only to lose them during checkout. Guess they didn't anticipate how popular it would be.


Could someone post a link directly to the 1st edition collection? Took 3 hours to get to the store, I'm afraid to search for it and get kicked back out


X-Men # 94, if I remember correctly, was much more popular/valuable than X-Men #1; likewise whichever Daredevil issue saw Frank Miller take over etc. - I hope they'll also inculde such significant non#1s.


The site has posted an update at It reads:

Marvel fans assembled in record numbers to take advantage of the landmark Marvel #1 digital comics sale! The demand has been so overwhelmingly positive, in fact, that a number of technical issues have arisen with our technology partner in getting the more than 700 free issues to each of you. When we have further updates from our partner, we will share them.

Your excitement, support and never-ending enthusiasm for all things Marvel are truly amazing.

From the House of Ideas directly to every Marvelite out there: thank you for making yours Marvel!


Ugh, still down. Anyone know if they are going to extend the offer by a few days??