deals4x duracell dx2400 184287 nimh aaa rechargeable…


These get excellent reviews on the 'zon. Said to be a re-branded eneloop, I cannot vouch for it though.

FYI, if you have a B&M publix near you, they are on the clearance rack for $4.50. But there aren't any left in my area, as I have glommed them all. :-)


nice deal, just picked some up, the cordless headphones batteries don't hold a charge for very long anymore


I got these at my local BIG LOTS! last week for 7.99


good deal at the big lots, but I am still happy, didn't leave my desk and the seller had them marked as shipped in about 5 minutes after I placed the buy it now order.


Nice, I just ordered 3 packs. Seems I never have enough AAA batteries now.