dealslubricated condoms .... 1000-pack for $75.99


I feel like you'd have a bunch of them expire before you ever get through them. It would take almost 3 years at once a day every day to get through these.


That's a great price (presuming that they're not expired, etc.) but given that most condoms expire within two years, I'm thinking that this only makes sense as a group buy.

Also, not that great a deal as the regular price is only $4 more.


The perfect Gift for the ConeHead who has everything!


Lubricated condoms have 1001 uses... so you'd be one short. Here are just a few things you can use them for, besides sex.

Great for trick-or-treaters. (You may or may not get arrested/punched in the face/hunted down by an angry mob for this one)

Impressing the ladies with your Howie Mandel imitation. (

Covering your putter. The golf kind.

Leave one dangling out of the bathroom trash can so your roommate thinks you're gettin some.

And the gratuitous zombie killing reference:

Keeping your zombie weapons rust free. Just carefully slip one over the blade of your best machete!

As you can see, you can very easily use 1000 condoms in less than a year even if you don't work in the porn industry.


Perfect to get that drug mule on your Christmas list!


And just when I thought the 200 condoms was a lot... I'd never make it threw that box in time lol.


i wear 6-10 at a time... so i could probably work through this in about a week