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Beware!!! Seller Refurbished Means USED. It's not Factory Refurbished. Amazing shows as 18 voted for but only 3 sold!!!


@ltsami: The company is reliable, according to eBay. Their overall feedback rating is quite high (99.7%), and they seem to respond favorably to complaints.

I think most folks here understand what "seller refurbished" means, and the seller is very upfront about the item's condition.

I don't understand why you fault the amazon reviews. Five of the six reviewers gave the TABLET a 4-star or 5-star review; the 6th reviewer's complaint was totally about the third-party seller, not about the tablet. (And his problem could have been easily resolved if he'd contacted amazon directly when the seller wouldn't act.)

You seem to place undue significance on "verified" purchases, which is generally not a major issue on amazon. Since all the Motorola XOOM MZ600 listed there are being sold by third-party vendors; amazon wouldn't have any way to track who buys and who doesn't.


I agree with Magic Cave. I have been involved with eBay since the beginning, and I would buy from that seller based on their stats and listing. One has to be careful when reading reviews and always remember that they are the opinion of the reviewer. Personally, I think it is unfair to give a device a bad review because of behavior of a vendor or reseller. It is even more unfair to use such reviews when evaluating a device for purchase.