dealsdisney movie rewards - free 50 points for $0.00


Works great! Thanks!

Couple of notes:
Codes/50 point offer expires 1 July.

Also got this message:
You will earn 50 bonus points the NEXT time you enter a Magic Code for an eligible Disney Blu-ray, DVD, or CD. Offer expires: 7/15/2012


This code does not actually give you 50 points. You have to enter another eligible Disney Blu-ray, DVD, or CD code after this one and THEN you will get the bonus 50 points. And yes, you have to enter the second code by 7/1/2012. Now if only I had a code so I could get the 50 extra points. =o/


@wyldaxe1: Did you try entering M1D17NF74NDA as noted in the description?


There are TWO codes provided, please read description.


@lichme: Doh! I'm not sure how the heck I misse that. Thanks. Worked perfectly.


I entered both codes as directed, but got 0 points. Instead, with each code, I got the promise of 50 points if I entered another eligible code.


@katfox: Are you sure you didn't get the 50 points when you entered the second code? I didn't get a message saying that I received 50 points, but the number of points that I have did, indeed, increase by 50.


@gt0163c: I wish! It didn't work that way for me. I was at 2285 points before I entered the codes, and am still at 2285 points. :( I'm glad it worked for others though!


Thanks! Worked great for me. Now I wonder if we still get 50 bonus points next time we enter a code!


50 pts closer to my Monsters Inc bodysuits for my son. :-D


Great find. Thank you. Love disney movies very much.