dealst.a.r.d.i.s. prime for $10.00


haha, epic. In for one for my wife, she's the Dr. Who fan.


erm... nvm. Forced to buy a paypal account, no thanks.


Shipping is $3 in the ConUS.

BTW, what's wrong with PayPal? You don't have to "buy" a Paypal account...


@justincredibleg: On behalf of Dr. loving wives everywhere, thank you tolerating our mad little obsession.
I pass this on to her: Tell her it's something to help her get through the rest of the week. Saturday seems so far away!


@rlapid2112: I used to sell about $80k worth of stuff a year online and tried several different portals. Paypal was the worst to deal with and had the steepest fees. There were several times when I sold a macbook to a customer, customer said it was doa, I told them to return it for a refund, they returned an empty box or a macbook whose serial didn't match but paypal sided with the customer every time and refunded their $1,000+ even when I had police reports filed. Now, I refuse to use them for anything.


@justincredibleg: Maybe you shouldn't sell DOA laptops. I've never had any problems with PayPal and advise all of my clients to use their merchant services over others for the solid protection they offer both sides of the transaction. Even if you did have issues, this isn't the forum for them. It has nothing to do with the deal at hand.


Damn. I tried to buy one, but yeah, Paypal is the only option. You can't even do that thing some sites do where you can pay with a card via Paypal without creating an account.

Sorry random shirt store, no business for you.


Just bought one for my girl, I bet she goes stupid over it.


I'm a Doctor Who fan, but I'm not interested in this.