deals1.5 carat blue topaz and sterling silver heart…


List price $179.99. HOW DO THEY DO IT?


I bought this for my fiancee for Christmas and it was $14.99 last month.
It is a VERY VERY pretty necklace. She was wearing it today actually :)

To answer the question about how do they do it here it is:
I have been following jewelry prices since I first started dating. I learned that gemstones around 1 carat could retail from $50 to $80 based on what stone they are. So 1.5 carat Topaz could be as much as $120+ because there are many stones that have to be cut. So let's put the stone cost at $140. Now silver chains can retail for about $40. So here is how we GET to the MSRP of $180.
But how does Shadora do it? Well this is what I have learned from my own research. Jewelry is marked up so much that it can be put on sale as much as 90% and the store can still grab a profit. Shadora buys everything in bulk from supplies and gets things at ridiculously low prices. 90% off would mean that it should cost $18... I guess that means Shadora really got a steal to give it to you for this much!


Also, my friend bought this same piece of jewelry for his GF and he loved it to. I showed him mine before he got one for his GF and his comments about the piece were: I like how it actually has some weight cause its solid silver and not hollow like Zales merchandise.

This piece is very beautiful and you will NOT be disappointed...
Unless you are me and paid $2 more for it a month ago ;)

Ps. I have bought a total of about 4 or 5 items from Shadora and they have all been gorgeous! My fiancee loved them all!


Thanks for the deal, bought one for my gf. She loves many little ones instead of a big one.


In41, thanks for the posting!


+1 on the great write up. It almost looked too good to be true.. This is something that would make any woman smile, especially if the guy just randomly put it around her neck..


+1, Quick , easy, simple, and Beautiful.