dealsroundtrip flights around the u.s. from $72


Why does Woot keep putting Travel Zoo up as a sponsored link? Every time it shows up, it gets a metric ton of crappy reviews. Already at -77 and its not even been up for 8 hours.


Because they keep paying woot to put it up?


I think @snackpants is referring to the Sponsored Deals "What's this?" text:
Sponsored Deals

They're like ads, but good.

OK, yes, companies pay a little something to be Sponsored Deals. But we don’t allow just any old crap in this section. Sponsored Deals are proposed to us by other retailers, manufacturers, and even other daily deal sites. If we find the deal compelling enough that our members will appreciate us bringing it to their attention, we’ll feature it here. Believe it or not, we have a reputation to uphold. If your store would like to be considered for this space, contact for details. But if your deal is lame, or sketchy, no amount of money will let you buy your way in.


>But if your deal is lame, or sketchy, no amount of money will let you buy your way in.

Unless you're and have another big sack of cash for us.


Regardless of how many downvotes they get, do you think they would keep paying to be featured if they weren't seeing click throughs or sales from woot?


Who of you will admit to buying a flight from them?


I havent checked the link out but do you care to explain why this is a horrible deal not worthy of being a sponsored promotion?


I think it's funny that most the people who down vote haven't traveled much in their lives if at all, and few if any have even tried to use travelzoo.

I've used them before and had no problems.


@megaori: heeellllooo, still waiting for an answer lol