dealsjetblue holiday recovery sale - flights starting…


Of course the sale ends February 15th which is just before Presidents week, rendering it USELESS!!!


@bigray57: Not exactly - the "sale" ends tomorrow (1/4/2012) but you can book flights within the posted timeframe:

Taxes, Fees and Restrictions: Fares valid until 1/4/12 (the earlier of 11:59 PM ET or local) for flights on Tues. and Wed. only between 1/10/12 – 4/3/12 (Blackout Dates: 2/16/12 – 2/27/12) or between 1/10/12 – 2/15/12 for routes to/from Florida; Austin, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Puerto Rico; or any international city.


New York only goes to Florida.


@durkzilla: (Blackout Dates: 2/16/12 – 2/27/12) that is Presidents week and when everyone really wants to fly.


Well they've got that tied up in a neat little bow.