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I prefer my scales to read out to at least the tenth or hundredth. By using scales of high accuracy I never miss out on a single fraction of an ounce of food.


Not sure of the quality or accuracy, but one nice feature is it uses 2 X AAA batteries. The couple scales I have take 9 Volts, and get costly to replace if one doesn't turn off...


Looks good. I'll be fostering kitties for my local shelter soon so this will be great for kitten weighing! (No, I'm not going to cook them.)


I wonder if i could weigh packages for the post office on this. and no I don't mean weed.


I got a similar one on ebay for less than $9 and free ship. We use it several times a day.

It's great that it is small, but it's to small some times. If you put a medium or large plate on it, hit the TARE, pop your item (meat, fish, etc) on the plate, the scale is smaller than the plate so it can make it difficult to read, but for I paid - WORTH IT.

My wife wants one for work now. May send her with this one and then get the next bigger one for the kitchen.


Cuisaid: For when even Cuisinart is outside of your price range.