-- $300 in gift cards for only $40…


Is still sketchy? I swore off them after buying a deep-discount gift certificate for a restaurant that no longer exists a while back. Have they gotten any better?


@wynterwynd: Starting a couple of years ago, I believe, you can change the points to a different place. You probably still have a balance to use.


I've used them fine quite a few times. If a place goes under they'll credit you and let you get the same size certificate for a different restaurant.

Only big caveat is the automatic 18% gratuity based on the pre-certificate price.


We have very few local restaurants that we like who are on their list, so we only use them when we travel. So far those deals have been great. They seem to have more available restaurants in bigger cities and in certain parts of the country. Too bad we don't have any big trips coming up to areas where we could use these. They are a bit of a hassle at times, but $40 for $300 of food is a great deal. As long as I got $40 worth of foor out of this I guess I would be even.


Let the buyer beware....locally, NOBODY will honor these anymore, due to the business practices of places here actually have signs posted in their restaurants now stating they will not honor any coupons/vouchers...

Do your homework PRIOR to purchasing. Call or visit your local restaurants to find out if they will honor BEFORE you buy!!!!


@pstrnutbag44: meh, no problems in my area and I use these frequently (granted there are only a couple participating restaurants). What do you mean the "business practices of.."? I don't know anything about the process from the restaurant managers end but these coupons are always dirt cheap and I have gotten some great deals. With great deals comes great responsibility.


I had two bad experiences with them and now avoid them. Too many restaurants refuse to honor them, and the minimum purchase to use the discount is well above what the two of us would usually spend for dinner. (In most of the restaurants we would frequent, the minimum is closer to what three people would spend for entrees.)


@lordebon: That 18% gratuity added to the bill before the discount can be used turned us right off. We always tip 20-25% of the full price (it's not the server's fault that we got a discounted meal), but a $9 discount on a meal+gratuity isn't much of a deal. We no longer bother with them.


How is still in business - other than making it nearly impossible to redeem their certificates? I got $25 free with some purchase about a year ago... and still haven't been able to use it despite visiting 3 different '' participating places.


How they haven't been sued for use of the word 'gift card' is beyond me. I am not a hater by any means, but you really, really need to do your research before buying a 'gift card' from them. You're buying a glorified COUPON.


@davidschronic: Atrocious business practices such as listing and selling "vouchers" for restaurants who are UNAWARE they are participating....doesn't get much shadier then that....knowing a good majority of local restaurant owners personally, I can assure you that isn't always operating "on the level" with their clients/customers/etc