dealsno, it's not an easy button - it's 1¢ notebooks


I SO wish we had a Staples around here!


I thought they meant laptops and was like, "Dafuq??"
Still... That sounds awesome -_-


Not a great deal. Was shopping in Dallas yesterday and walmart had notebooks for $0.17 with no limit and not purchase required, the notebook paper was available at Frys for $0.25 a package with a limit of 10. Frankly to me those are better deals. I've tried the staples in the past and often they are out of the penny stuff unless you are there very early.


I might go check this out. My local Walmart mis-priced notebooks a few years ago, $0.02 each. I bought $20 worth and I just opened the last case yesterday. Between 5 kids in school and my husband taking them to his shop for his guys, they lasted a good long while, well worth the money.


@thomas998: Staples has changed their teacher limit structure, which was the largest drain to their inventory. Virtually every store now has the penny deals all week long.


I wish there were some Staple stores in the St. Louis area.