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Sorry, those K-Cups are just far too wasteful for my tastes. Throwing away a little plastic cup for every single tea or coffee you drink? No thanks.


I don't understand the point of this for tea at all.

For $10+ less than the K-Cup price, you can get the equivalent number of the same brand of tea bags. An electric kettle costs much less than a Keurig machine, though if you already have the Keurig for coffee and such I understand it can dispense hot water as well.

Is it really worth spending more and losing control over how long the tea is brewed to maybe save two minutes? (And of course even that time benefit is lost as soon as there are multiple people who want tea at one time.)


This only works on some of the k-cups. It only worked on 2 varieties in the order I placed. The minimum order to get the 15% off is 4 of the big boxes. They always have free shipping with a purchase of 4 boxes so that part of the deal is moot.


Hot cocoa k-cups are a complete waste of money. All it is is just cocoa mix in a plastic cup. If you have a Keurig and want hot cocoa, just buy regular cocoa mix from the grocery store, put the powder in your mug, then use the Keurig to get your hot water.


This is not a good deal despite the waste. The standard price for K-Cups is about $12.


The Cafe Escapes are terrible... no wonder they are on overstock... I wouldn't take them if they were free...


Stick to Coffee People, and K-Cups are really only good for coffee. Plus, as mentioned, there are cheeper places to buy these (especially when you take into account the 4 min with this offer). No dice.


Was looking at this over priced carp in the store the other day. Keurig machine $99 to $169, coffee, tea, hot chocolate all $13 for an 8 oz. box. That averages out to $26 a pound. Even Starpukes don't charge that much and I refuse to drink their over priced slop too.


Clicking on the deal takes you to an "overstock sale" page with five varieties listed. Are these the only varieties that qualify?

As previously mentioned, you can get these boxes for $11-$12 in stores (Target, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond) vs. the $12-$14 they are here after the discount. If you don't have a store that carries these in your area this might be worth it, but otherwise this is not a deal.

For what it's worth, I do think the Cafe Escapes Chai Latte is delicious.


@zyzzx1: You don't need to pay for the Keurig name to get a brewer that takes K-cups. I have a Mr. Coffee single-serve brewer that was $60 and does the same as the lower-end Keurig brewers. It lacks the digital display and variable water output of the more expensive brewers, but hey, who really needs that?

And I've never spent more than $12 on a box of K-cups (24 cups per box). Even at $12 all the time, that would work out to $0.50 per cup. For people like my husband and me, for whom drinking a whole pot of, say, Folgers is out of the question, it's a much cheaper alternative than going to a coffee house (yes, maybe Starbuck's) and paying about $4 every time we want a cup of coffee.

This system may not be right for you, but for some people it is.


Also there are reusable k-cups that you can fill with 'better' coffee, for those of you concerned about waste.


@sunnyx0r: I spent around three times on the Cuisinart model, and I have zero regrets.

Variable volume? Love it. I like 10oz of coffee, though have used each of the settings at various times.

Built-in water filter? Makes me happy. Our water sucks.

Comes with My K-cup drop-in filter - Did not use this much, but it is nice to have.

Thing is sturdy - it is not breaking any time soon.

Plus several other features. Does everyone need this thing? Probably not. Was it a splurge? Absolutely. I use it every single day, and love it, so I don't mind.

@elangomatt: Agreed. Got four of these in a Bed Bath & Beyond combo pack. They were only slightly more convenient, and I would never deliberately buy these things. A lot of the tea seems to be the same way - you may be better with a tea bag. I like the convenience of popping in a black tea K-cup, but I'm also incredibly lazy. K-cups are best for coffee, anything else is mostly a gimmick as far as I'm concerned.


This deal is overpriced. If you are a club member on the Keurig main site, you can get much better pricing and free shipping. Plus, you accumulate points to use towards new machines and accessories. You can't go wrong.


An added thumbs down is that Sams/Costco have 80 count for $34 and some change which comes to about $0.43 each. Just throwing that out there.