dealsdyson dc25 animal bagless upright vacuum cleaner…


I don't know what the negatives are about, but we have this exact model and it's terrific.

I got it for $40 less, but I would pay this price for it. It works!
Easy to move around, easily adapts to different floor levels.
And it doesn't have an airflow that blows dog hair away.
Strong suction - we like it.


Insert "this deal really sucks" joke here


looks like wooters dont like ebay :)


Pricing will drop to $249.99 + free shipping at 10 AM Central.



I bought one a hwhile ago from Woot at 289+5 shipping. Its been a good investment so far. My only complaint is the hose... its difficult to use since it has a 2 or 3 foot stick on the end, near impossible to use on stairs or anything close up like getting into couch grooves. Still it has worked well for me.


The price has dropped to $249.99.


@stabnwswd: Look closer, you can remove the hose from that 2-3ft attachment. Don't worry, it took me awhile to figure it out. Now I can use it to clean my car!


Please forgive me but I just do not think I can stand seeing one more vacuum cleaner! AAAHHhhhgggggggg! :(


@stabnwswd: Take the stick off. It detaches at the base.