dealsstanley 20-piece screwdriver set for $12.00


I don't have this set, but I have other Stanley screwdrivers, and they aren't half bad.


This could be a bit more sonic.


I have this set, paid 18 i think at walmart a few years ago. Been a good set and taken alot of abuse. The micro-screwdriver set is a nice set compared to a few other sets I have. Its perfect for on computers with screws that have locktight. Others I can't get grip, but with these I can.


I've got a similar set and they're good, lower end tools. Great for most jobs around the house. And the mini-screw driver set is excellent. Blades are nice and sturdy and the handles are big enough that you can actually get a grip on them. Also, if this set is like mine (and I think it is), the tops of the mini-drivers spin. So you can push down with one hand and spin the shaft with another to really get those tight screws moving...and wow that sentence is right on the edge of going somewhere else.


Shipping = $8.07. Dealbreaker. :~(


The last Stanley screwdrivers I bought were garbage. I avoid Stanley products any more. The Phillips tips were like double 'X' if you looked at them from the end.