dealspuppy bum floss dispenser for $14.00


Is my browser working right? There is this obnoxious pop-over that forces you to login before reading the description. My first and last visit to Also, I thought the thumbnail kind of looked like a dildo.


@luke727: It's working just fine. It says right in the description that this is flash sale. Just use your shopping email address. is phenomenal. See the Mashable article here:


I don't care about the membership requirement. Forcing people to login to see the price or make the purchase is one thing; forcing them to login just to see the item is dumb.


@luke727: The price is listed in this post, $14. Why would you need to login?

Obviously you are interested in this product, and the price is visible, right here on Deals.Woot. I am not understanding your point at all.

If it's dumb, 3 million people wouldn't have already bought from them. It's obviously anything but. Just get a shopping email address, that's what I do for all of my shopping. How easy is that?


I know the price is given; I was just using that as an example of what a membership only website might hide behind a login page. I'm not interested in buying this product at all; I just wanted to see a bigger picture as it looked odd at first glance. I couldn't even do that without logging in, which is what annoyed me enough to complain in the first place. Obviously I'm not going to register with some website just to see a larger picture of some product I've got no intention of buying. In fact I've already wasted enough of my life complaining about it.