dealssandisk cruzer fit 32gb usb flash drive for $16.99


I just picked up two of these. They work great in my car stereo for long trips and they are more convenient then the longer, bulkier flash drives.


Wow, now it's only $15.99, and 16 G is only $8.99.


I was trying to think of why I would need this... And then I remembered my laptop's hard drive decided to take a dump on me one day... I then had to alleviate the issue quickly by taking an unused 20 GB Xbox 360 hard drive and replacing the crapper. This of course left me with a deficit in storage space; space that'd be used for non-permanent downloads like episodes of shows or something.
Anyway, put it in and forget about it! +32 GB acquired! :-D


This drive features a write speed of 5 MBps, meaning it will take just under 2 hours to fill. But that's really only a problem if you plan to fill the drive in one sitting or plan to swap a large amount of data frequently.


Just ordered for 2 @ $15.99. Temporarily out of stock but it will ship when available, no big deal since I am taking the day off and have plenty of time to waste. Look below the price field where it says more available for $15.99. Sold through Amazon using that link.


showing $23.01 for me at 11:11am est