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You can also get them here if you don't have a account already:

OR, if you have a account you can tie it to Comixology and use Comixology to read your Marvel Comics, plus whatever else you buy at Comixology.


I lol'd at "Free Shipping" :P Nice find! Must be because of the Deadpool game that's coming out Tuesday.


I've been tempted to get into these the few times they come up... but I don't know where to start. Does anyone with comic book experience (specifically Deadpool) know a good place to pick up this comic at the available prices?


@cmkrzak22: IMO, Deadpool V3 is the definitive Deadpool run - before V3, Deadpool was a very different character. It's written by Daniel Way, who also helped develop the video game. If you've seen any of the footage from the game, you can understand the type of humor. At least the first 10-15 issues of the series are pure gold, some of my favorites by far.

If you're looking for other DP comics, I'd recommend Cable and Deadpool (or Deadpool and Cable, depending on whether you're buying collections or individual comics). I'm not a huge Cable fan, but the bromance between the two characters is hilarious. There's also great plot and progression through the series.