deals6-month shoprunner membership for $0.00


ShopRunner has terrible reviews on

It convinced me that it isn't even worth the time to fill out the form for their free offer.


I wouldn't actually pay for it since there are not enough participating stores that I would regularly shop at, but why wouldn't you want this for FREE? It's free shipping. You can even get free delivery from Domino's pizza (usually a $2 delivery/service fee). I signed up for the free year membership and I've used it at least 7-8 times. Not enough to pay for it next year, but again did I mention FREE?


I use it mostly for Newegg. So far in about 5 months I have saved $ 84.


I have had shoprunner for over a year. While I haven't paid for it yet, it has come in very handy for Newegg, eBags, American Eagle, Toys-R-Us, Petsmart, and Haggar. I will probably switch from Amazon Prime to Shoprunner in January when both are up for renewal.


I've had shoprunner for at least 6 months as a free trial, and have used it a number of times - Newegg,, SportsAuthority, and Franklin Planner. It's nice to not have to hit free shipping thresholds, and there's free return shipping, too (which I've taken advantage of - easy process). Well worth it for free, although I don't know if I'll pay for it once it's up for renewal.


Is it dead? I can't find Shoprunner now on Allstate's site (I was able too @ 9:00 AM, but I couldn't activate the deal with my eePad)...