dealscool touch microwave bowl - heat & eat all in the…


Did anybody else notice that the Amazon link is a search for Diabetic Socks?


i have one of these. they're pretty good, just a lil small


@wuddawaste: dang! I was using tinyurl to shrink the link and didn't notice I used cut and pasted from an earlier post. Sorry!


@wuddawaste: Try this page:


A bowl that doesn't get hot after you microwave food in it, what sort of witchery is this?


Not that it isn't a good idea (I don't have one to judge it), but it looks as if it's simply an internal bowl to microwave it in and a holder to then put the container in so it isn't hot to the touch.

Something comparable to putting one plastic bowl inside another one of the same size.

You're still using two containers...I mean. I don't think I get it.