dealslogitech illuminated keyboard for $39.99


GREAT keyboard. I got one for Christmas, and it works as advertised. Key response is great, and I have no problems with touch typing.

Best used late nights, waiting for the BOC in the dark!


Been using mine for 6 months to a year, still love it over any other keyboards I've tried. If you like the click noise of a laptop keyboard, the key-size of a full-size keyboard, then definitely go with this one!

I really do recommend going to a local computer store (such as Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, etc) to try it out. That's how I found this one.

The price was originally $80, and I got it for $40 - $20 MIR. While this is a good deal, it's not the best I've seen.

Backlighting is a good bright-white. My only complaint (before getting the keyboard) was the media buttons being on the F-keys, but with the Fn key on the right side of the keyboard, it makes it a bit easier to switch over to from dedicated media-keys.

Finally: the keyboard is plug-n-play (no weird drivers needed), and has a very thin wire. It does have those knobs you can pull out from the back to elevate the keyboard, though they barely make a difference.


I got it several months ago and love it. Best keyboard I've ever used.


I have the logitech g110(customized keys + different color illumination), and I must say that illuminated keys are amazing.
They're great for having the light off, but still being able to see your keys in the dark. I just love it, I ended up getting my keyboard for something like $80 and it was worth every penny.


Best backlit keyboard you can get.

The Logitech is decent if you don't mind rubber dome key switches, printed keys, and less longevity.

The price might be high on the Deck, but its the last keyboard you'll ever own. They're built like tanks.


@joshewah777: That Deck would also be the ugliest keyboard you'd ever own...


Watch out for staples mail in rebates. I've had problems collecting from them even though their rules were followed. :(


Ya know, I was so going to go for this, especially since I have a $30 coupon from Staples (for the 2TB USB drive screwup) burning a hole in my pocket. Then I read the details, like the rebate is a Visa Prepaid card:

For more insults click the "Learn more about the Rebate Visa Prepaid Card" link.

I once said I wouldn't do rebates period because their design intent was so transparently obvious. But rebates like this? Never, never, never. Isn't cash like a universal gift/prepaid card? That doesn't expire or have crazy fees associated with it?

Staples: -2


@joshewah777: Dang that is one ugly keyboard...


the media keys seem way way up there, are they hard to reach?


@saratogajerry: The staples rebate website allows you the option of getting a check printed and mailed to you instead of the gift card. I have taken advantage of that every time and never had a problem, As a matter of fact I just received 2 checks a few days ago. Apply on line and you should have no issues. I am going to the store to get one of these keyboards.


I am actually using this keyboard to write this review. I've had it for a little over a year now and it has served me very well. The backlighting is very good, and while I almost exclusively use the brightest setting it is nice to be able to take it down a notch or two on occasion. My only complaints are:
1) The "A" key is not as far to the left as I expect it to be, so I often hit caps lock instead :(

2) the 0/insert key on the numberpad can be finicky...I have to hit it right in the middle in order to get it to respond.

3)every key lights up except for print screen and pause...which is weird because the orange function icons on them light up, but the white words don't. This is probably just a fluke in mine though.

I think I spent $60 on this new last year which I felt was too high but I splurged anyway because I really wanted backlighting. I definitely recommend this, but I would suggest looking around for a better price...$40 still seems pretty high to me.


I'd love to get this, but like an above poster I got my order canceled 2 months ago on the TB hard drive fiasco. I used staples rewards for that hard drive, and when the order was canceled, i never got the rewards back. Never got the $30 coupon they promised me either.

I think I'm done with staples for good.


I have this keyboard at home. Typing on it is realy silky and smooth. You can type quickly for a long time before your hands get tired. If you like the big clicky keys, this isn't for you. These have seriously low-profile easy-give laptop-style keys.

Also, this deal isn't that great. Keep an eye on the Amazon page (

It's $60 right now, but I've seen it fluctuate quite a bit.


is there a similar keyboard 'cept with the "big clicky" type of keys?