dealshp pavilion hpe-h8-1234 desktop for $449.99 + $5…


Can i play World of Tanks with this machine?? i know ther power supply is not high and i dont know about the video it adequate?


Price Comparison And Manual
NewEgg + $519.99, free ship,
Head to Head $65 savings at Moofi. In fact, if you pay the $75.99 for Square Trade you pick up a full one year warranty for only $10.99 over NewEgg price on computer alone. Woot/Moofi hands down a better deal.

Manuals can be found here,


@justabandnerd: Who would thumbs down that!? It's a valid question! ;)


Nice machine but why the usb 2.0??? I would like to see a this with SSD drive and usb 3.0