dealsapple 21.5" imac 8gb memory 1tb hard drive for $1…


The following prices are pulled by myself from NewEgg for equal or comparable products:

Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i5 - $199

8GB - $59.99 (GSkill PC3 17000, which I assure you is faster than what is in this iMac)

Intel® Iris™ Pro - $? (They don't sell this on NewEgg, but the Macbook has 128Mb of memory in its Iris Pro, which is pathetic, and I can only assume the "graphics card" in this iMac is mutually as embarrassing)

10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet - $13.99

802.11ac Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) - $33.99 (AND the one on NewEgg comes with Bluetooth 4.0, I may get one!)

1TB HDD @ 5400 rpm - $49.99 (5400rpm is SLOW and laughable. Decent HDDs are 7200rpm, which is even slow now with 10,000rpm HDDs and SSDs available).

Magic Mouse & Wireless Keyboard - $49.79 (For a NICE Logitech alternative, cheaper combos are an option)

If someone can explain why this iMac is worth the price they're asking, I'm willing to listen. The numbers speak for themselves.


@itzspeldrong: sounds like you've never owned a mac. most pc'ers are naysayers until they switch.


@itzspeldrong: I can't speak to all your points, but I can make a few important distinctions:

1. The displays in iMacs are usually very nice. You would need to shop in the mid-range or higher to price out a equivalent display, so that's a major cost. The display also includes a microphone and speakers, which always adds to the price.

2. The cost of the operating system itself should be considered. Love it or hate it, it's still reflected.

3. You're also paying for the case. Exotic cases in the PC market can be pricey.

4. I assume there's a warranty involved, even if it's limited.

5. You're also paying for the labor required to assemble all of this.


Everybody point and laugh, @itzspeldrong: never had a mac :-)


This a great price! Don't knock it if you've never tried a Mac! They are so much more than "just a computer", mine is 6 years old, runs OSX and windows 7, and I paid a higher price. It has never had a glitch of ANY sort. Buy a PC?? not on my life, LOL!


@younggl: The "numbers" bs sounds just like the stuff Android fans say. And yet when their memory goes to crap in 6 months or the device slows to a crawl in a year or has no upgrade potential.... they stay silent. Strange how people are willing to be fooled and then hide their mistake under their pride.


The lack of intelligence in the responses justifies no argument from myself. I shall only smile at the fact that I provided facts, specs and prices, and got a "fanboy" response instead of a solid argument. Endo is the only one who tried to point out facts, and although decent, the few extra dollars he added to the comparison do NOT make a difference.

I guess this proves that ignorance is bliss. :)