deals100% cashmere fringed scarf for $15.00 + free…


Ordered 3 of these before I saw this listing. FWIW - I have never had a problem w/this company. Shipping is slow - and they tell you that. This is an excellent deal for cashmere. Free shipping!!


yeah, SO many mixed reviews on dailysteals. but I really have had an overall ok time with them. crappy customer service though. but my monitor that I got from them is workin great! and it actually shipped really quickly too.

[edit] also, this being "Retail Packaging" is always good.


I on the other hand did not have a good experiences with them. First off, items were not as described. They blatantly bait and switched. And customer service was rude and not helpful. I understand nobody is perfect, but it seems they have major issues with quality control when it comes to the products they send out and their customer service. They don't take any responsibilities for their mistakes, which is why I strongly say buyers beware. I can tell you a company rated at 5.7/10 cannot be trusted.


@whymegawd: What's Woot's rating?

I've ordered close to a dozen items from DailySteals this holiday season. Shipping time is slow, but other than that I haven't had any issues. For $15 + free shipping I'm in for one. Macy's has what appears to be a the same item (different styles) for four times this price. I couldn't find it on Amazon for a price comparison.


I bought a cashmere scarf from them last year and it was very high quality. I don't think these scarfs are that good , but they are a "steal" at $15.00. Yes. the shipping is slow, but I always get the item eventually. Do not order these for Christmas, this year:-))


I have had problems with Dailysteals! Bought from them a dozen times and had several issues,slow delivery,very poor customer service,poor packaging so order arrive smashed and they cancelled an order without telling me and then did not give me a credit for almost 9 weeks. I will never order from them again,hope you have better "luck" with them than I did


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